FoodSaver V3440 Vacuum Sealer Review

You might be something looking for an ideal sealer that can meet your goals.

Although there are different types of similar sealers available in the market, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right one that can really help your needs.

A vacuum sealer is the best one you should choose, but there are many brands of such sealing systems available you can buy.

All of you need to come up with the right decision, so you can make the best buy. Do not get in a rush when buying such a vacuum sealer.

Consider the product’s features, pros, and cons. The FoodSaver V3440 is a great sealing system you can prefer.

From of all foodsaver reviews , This V3440 will let you know some important features, pros, and cons the sealer offers.

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Features of the FoodSaver V3440 Vacuum Sealer

This foodSaver v3440 is a great sealing system that helps keep your food fresh up to five times longer and saves a lot per year. Now, you are capable of buying food items in bulk to prevent waste. The vacuum sealer comes with a completely automatic operation program.

It makes use of elite technology to feel the automatic bag and the type of food to make an ideal seal every time.

With its Smart Seal technology, be assured that your food will remain fresh longer. You can marinate your food items in minutes. It is a space-saving design.

It comes with a progress light; liquid automatic detection; built behind-roll storage plus cutter.

Foodsaver V3440 Vaccum-Sealing System

It also includes Crush Free Instant Seal, 11-inch roll, drip tray, 3/4-sized pockets, and recorded a two-liter bag. This foodsaver v3440 is actually a user-friendly sealer. It offers several options you can choose when sealing. Its vertical design will make your kitchen table look great. It can help you save money.

The vacuum sealer is equipped with smart seal technology. It also includes automatic bag sensing. You will no longer need to do more guesswork. All of you need to just place a bag, to vacuum seal automatically.

It offers two vacuum speeds, state marinade to marinate in minutes, and 2 sealing levels. The food sealer is built on the North American Electrical Standards.

By keeping air out and close the freshness of this home vacuum sealer, it helps remove freezer burn and keep the food fresh as well as tasty. This food sealer helps get rid of air and humidity from custom-designed, multi-layered bags during the sealing.

When sealing with this vacuum sealer, be assured that you will get the taste the same as the foods you bought yesterday. Even you will get the same taste after one month. It is compact and easy to use.

You can now easily marinate meat, fish, and chicken in a couple of minutes instead of hours. Its additional broad drip tray helps to the run over of liquids.


  • Space-saving vertical design.
  • Fully automatic process with two vacuum speeds.
  • Wet/dry settings for most favorable sealing.
  • Seals extremely quickly.
  • Help keep fragile foods during the sealing process.
  • Practical pins and the pocket knife.
  • Patented, detachable, dishwasher, drip tray.
  • Extra large seal creates secure, airtight seal.
  • One-touch marinade and accessories.


  • Bags may be a bit expensive.

Final Verdict

The foodsaver v3440 got a huge number of positive reviews from the real users.

Most people did not find any negative side of the sealer. This vacuum sealer is made based on the most current technology.

If you decide to buy this piece of equipment, you can buy it from a reliable dealer. No products come without some negative effects.

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