How to Clean a Food Dehydrator For Beginners

Is it really worthy to have posted on cleaning a dehydrator? After all, this is only a box containing a number of trays. Water and soap will get the job done and voila! But it will not be so easy if you do not know where to start and end.

There are lots of dehydrators out there, and each comes with a different twist in cleaning. The good news is that they are pretty similar and it will be easy for you whatever choice you have.

How to Wash your Best Food Dehydrator

Start by washing the trays, the tray inserts, liners and clean-a-screen. The plastic trays should be washed separately from the rest of parts. For the tray inserts and screens grab them from the bottom so as to get rid of all the crumbs.

Scrubbing your Best Home Food Dehydrator

In most cases, soaking your food dehydrator in hot water for 20 minutes will be enough to get rid of all dirt. But if you used sticky foods then you have to scrub it.

You will first have to soak and then scrub the inserts, trays, and liners with a soft non-scratching pad. The top and bottom sides should also be scrubbed if they show any signs of grim.

Drying your Dehydrator

You may be tempted to chuckle that you have to read this. But drying your dehydrator is a very necessary step in the cleaning process.
Do not be in a hurry to return in the trays, liners, and screens before they are at least 95% dry.

Placing the parts in low heat for 20 minutes will get them perfectly dry. Shake the parts before you place them back into the dehydrator to remove any water lodged in the curved areas.

Tips to make it easy to clean your dehydrator

  • No oil on the trays: people are putting oil on the leather trays. This isn’t something you should be doing for the sake of cleaning your tray. Even if you wash your trays, the oil will not come off. It will remain stuck on the trays even for 6 months sabotaging your food storage.
  • Wash everything separately: get one piece at a time as you clean. It will be easy to get the job done other than having a mess when you clean all of the parts at once.
  • The size of your sink matters: your sink is very useful when it comes to cleaning your dehydrators. The trays and all the other parts should be able to fit in. Before you go out shopping ensure you have measured the size of your sink to bring home something that will fit in it. If you already bought the food dehydrator before getting the size of your sink you have to get creative. A clean bathtub would be perfect to soak your dehydrator.

It should not be such a hassle to clean your dehydrator. With a grasp on the best washing practices, you will have the job done to satisfaction.
Now you know how to do it. Do you have any more tips for washing your food dehydrator?

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