Foodsaver 2461 Vacuum Sealer Review

Sporting a touch pad control panel, the Foodsaver 2461 Vacuum Sealer is a futuristic form of a vacuum sealer.
If you have a liking towards such appliances, definitely you need to order one right now.

Supplemented with several constituents, this unit is magnificent at what it does.

Features of the FoodSaver 2461 Vacuum Sealer

Guaranteeing the prevention of any leakage, this FoodSaver vacuum sealer does a satisfactory job when it comes to safely sealing plastic bags. As a matter of fact, the bags that accompany this device complements its performance. This vacuum sealer is automatic, letting the user take a break from manually arranging the sealing of food bags.

Foodsaver 2461 Features Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer
Needless to say, other important objects could be stored in these too, as per the user’s choice.

This foodaver Vacuum Sealer comes with two different speed settings. Moreover, the seal strip is long enough, adding to the efficiency of the unit. In FoodSaver machine is accompanied by five seal bags: three of those are quart-sized, while the other two are gallon-sized.

These bags will work tremendously well with the unit, helping store hefty amounts of food items.


Here, we will provide few advantage of this vacuum sealer. We hope this will you help to choose this item.

  • The touch pad control panel looks grand, certain to earn a second look from bystanders. This adds to the simplicity and beauty of this unit. Additionally, this is simple to clean too, as the surface is flat, which prevents the chance of accumulation of dirt and food substance.
  • The Foodsaver 2461 Vacuum Sealer set includes a liquid drip tray, which saves the day by collecting whatever liquid material falls from the food bags while sealing them.
  • There are two-speed levels available, which is perfect, in case you wish to reserve all sorts of food. At a slow speed, delicate rations could be safeguarded too.
  • This unit is small, allowing the customer to transfer it from one place to another, without any complications.


There are barely any negative points of this foodsaver vacuum sealer. The minimal flaws of this machine are as follows:

  • Users who have used this vacuum sealer for too long at a stretch, have complained that the device heats up after over an hour, stopping on its own. Then, the user is required to give the machine a break, to let it cool down.

Wrapping On Our Foodsaver 2461 Vacuum Sealer Review

If you’re a person who loves to prepare their meals on a daily or weekly basis, sealing and storing the items required to cook those meals, the Foodsaver 2461 Vacuum Sealer is your go-to device.

One cannot go wrong with picking this unit, as it does its job impeccably, all while maintaining a reputation. Several satisfied will vouch for this product, urging you to buy it right now!

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