FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer Review

There is nothing worse than spoiled food. How do you keep your food fresh? It is a question asked by everyone every day.

However, if you have the assistance of a great machine like FoodSaver FM2000, your kitchen nightmares will be over in a jiffy.

These days, we no longer store food in plastic boxes or containers. Vacuum sealing is the new and efficient trend of the new age.

The FoodSaver FM2000 vacuum sealing system will cause a revolution in your kitchen. This small and efficient machine is, without hesitation, one of the best options to store food.

Features Of FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer Machine

It is one of those appliances which not only provides an excellent performance but also looks equally great. The body is a classy black color; the austere and elegant design accentuates its beauty. Although it is large in dimensions of 17.6 x 5.9 x 10.6 inches, it very lightweight.

It weighs only 5.3 pounds and is perfect for moving around. It also comes with its own starter kit.
Apart from its external features, its functional features are also great. With the help of the latest technology, it has achieved minimal bag material usage. If compared to other available FoodSavers, it will show a reduction of about 40% in bag material usage.

Along with having 3-quart and 2-Gallon bags, it also has an 11” x 10” roll and accessory hose.

The storage bags have heat seal attribute. Also, It has an extra-wide sealing strip. While sealing, an indicator light turns on, and it only turns off when the sealing is completely done. This feature assists the users.

It has a very user-friendly operating system; the vacuum bags are closed to the machine via an easy latch option. Using FoodSaver FM2000 is fairly easy with its simple manual operating system.

Unlike many other FoodSavers , the FoodSaver FM2000 vacuum sealing system has a removable drip tray. This is useful for oily foods and liquids.


  • One of its best qualities is that it saves storage bags; this makes it very cost efficient.
  • The machine is also very light in weight. You can carry it with you wherever you go.
  • The process is very fast and easy to operate. Also, detachable drip tray makes the cleaning experience easier.
  • It has a warranty of five long years; which gives it reliability.
  • It has its own starter kit.
  • This machine runs manually; you can change pressure and temperature per your desire.
  • The accessory hose makes it suitable to use with FoodSaver boxes as well.
  • It is cheaper than other available vacuum sealers. However, it can still bring satisfactory results.


  • Does not have moist/dry food setting. This can bring about occasional problems.
  • The manual function can also be a problem if one cannot adjust the pressure accordingly.
  • It lacks adjustable speed settings. When the foods are different, a single speed setting would not be a prudent option.
  • It lacks adjustable speed settings. When the foods are different, a single speed setting would not be a prudent option.
  • Additionally, it also does not have its own cutter.

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Wrapping on our Foodsaver FM2000 Review

In the market, there are many vacuum food sealers with different attributes. However, the FoodSaver FM2000 vacuum sealing system is one of the best ones that you can buy in a small price range.

With a few negative feedbacks, it has an overall positive review from the users. They were satisfied with its easy uses and brilliant features.

This FoodSaver FM2000 vacuum Sealer is portable, and It has several storage options.

Overall, it makes everyday life easier in the kitchen. In addition, it enhances the beauty of your kitchen. That’s one thing, it makes it an excellent option for anyone.

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