FoodSaver V3460 Review

I was having a really hard time using zipper bags and foils, as they are not very effective in storing fresh foods. One of my friends suggested to me to search in Google; So I started looking for these online.

Honestly, I was kind of reluctant to buy these products, until my sights locked on the FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System.

It is the new generation of storing food items, where you can easily use it to preserve any kind of food you want at any time.

Features of FoodSaver V3460

This very essential food storage system has plenty of functions, which makes it superior to any zipper bags, metal foils or plastic wraps. This high tech sealer has the ability to suck all the air and moisture out of the specialized multi layered bags, keeping the food fresh, healthy and with flavor for a longer period of time.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V3460 Automatic Sealing System

Your food remains crisp and tasteful even if you have kept it in your fridge for months!

The FoodSaver V3460 comes with three quart-size bags, two gallon size bags and a roll of bag material, which helps to preserve a huge variety of food items like meat, vegetables, soups and many others.

This powerful sealer has two vacuum speeds which work fully automatically, assisting the bags to seal perfectly. With an additional roll holder, the appliance is well equipped with a bag cutter; this can help you to customize your bags according to the size of the food items.

FoodSaver has the ability to automatically sense the bag and the type of food, so that it can seal the bags accurately. The FoodSaver V3460 comes with a drip tray which holds all the excess liquid and also has a wide sealing strip where the heating occurs, allowing a more precise air tight seal.

One additional feature is that it contains an accessory button, which allows the air to clear out anytime you want.


  • The FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System has a vertical design which gives it a slightly stylish look, and requires less space to keep in your active kitchen.
  • This appliance is absolutely easy to use. It does not even require a manual; all you need to do is just read from the packaging box.
  • The Foodsaver V3460 allows users to choose various settings, depending on the food type.
  • The moist and dry food setting can help you control the vacuum speed according to the food items.
  • This vacuum sealer consists of rapid marinate mode, which aids to marinate fish, meat or chicken more quickly than it usually does.
  • It also has the CrushFree Instant Seal, which allows handling the exquisite food items by controlling the air speed.
  • This sealer is a great money saver, as it helps to reduce waste and it preserves food like no other appliance.
  • Since the sealer includes an automatic sensor, it disallows users to control the sealing process.
  • FoodSaver V3460 is also incapable of sealing different sizes of bags; which is a big issue.
  • Another problem with FoodSaver would be the difficulty of operating it. Many users find it frustrating when it comes to starting this vacuum sealer.
  • Some customers claim that buying the bags is a big burden, as they are pretty expensive.
  • Users find it troublesome when they insert moist food items, as they tend to stick to the bags, and sometimes, the air does not completely leave the bags.

Wrapping on our FoodSaver V3460 Reviews

FoodSaver V3460 is, no doubt, currently one of the best food saver in the market. It has better innovative features than most of other appliances.

Moreover, it is a new and healthier way of storing food items. FoodSaver is definitely worth purchasing.

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