How To Use A Vacuum Sealer For Food Storage

Besides food packaging, vacuum sealers can be useful for other purposes as well; for instance, they can be used to protect items like silvery and metallic cutlery from corrosion.

Also, these special varieties of bag sealers can be helpful in electronic packaging chips, and other materials which may be damaged when exposed to air due to moisture.

Basic domestic sealers come with a suction motor and a heat sealer onboard, whereas some of the commercial-grade sealers may feature an outboard air compressor.

If you are looking for a reliable vacuum sealer, a high-end Food Saver sealer can be the most viable option for your particular need. All vacuum sealers from this brand are efficient, practical for a broad range of applications and durable.

How to Use a Food Vacuum Sealer

Now you’ve found the best vacuum sealer, but you aren’t sure how to use this handy kitchen gadget. How do you use your Food Saver Sealer in the right way?

Prepare the Items that You Want to Vacuum Seal

The first step is to get the items that you want to put into the vacuum sealed bag ready. Ensure everything you need in front of you to avoid having some search when you start the Vacuum Sealer.

Place the Items that you want To Vacuum Seal into the Vacuum Sealer Bag

The second step is to put your food or any other items into the sealer bag which is designed for this bag sealing system.

NOTE: The space between the surface of the food and the top of the bag should be at least three inches.
Place the bag open end into the vacuum channel.

The vacuum channel is basically the opening at the lower part of the front of the sealer. Insert open end in the bag in this section, using both hands.

Start the Motor

To start the motor, shove the open end of the bag far enough into the vacuum channel. The motor will start automatically, and the meter lights will turn on.

Release the Bag Once the Vacuum Pump Starts

You should let go of the bag as soon as the vacuum pump gets triggered off.

Take Out the Bag after It’s Been Sealed

Be sure to remove the bag after seal light on the display turns off.


Vacuum sealing is not a way of preventing food from going bad. You can’t vacuum seal food and leave it in your kitchen cabinet expecting to visit it the following day and find it fresh. But you can keep that vacuum sealed food in the freezer such that it stays fresh and healthy for many days to come.

You might have seen these nifty little gadgets in the stores, and you might not be sure how to utilize them. Or perhaps you have in the past tried to use one, but were discouraged by the “difficulty” that you thought was part and parcel of using them.

But now you know these handy kitchen appliances are not as difficult to use as they may seem. Give your best food saver vacuum sealer a try today.

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