Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A Review

Nesco Snackmaster pro food dehydrator FD-75A is one of the most powerful fan driven food dehydrators available in the market.
It suits the requirements of almost all the food dehydration processes with an excellent performance.

Dehydration of food makes it possible for a longer period of storage with an excellent smell.

One can travel to several places or on long journeys without the food going bad. The Nesco FD-75A 600-watt food dehydrator comes with several features.

The Features of Nesco Snackmaster pro food dehydrator FD-75A

NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Nesco Snackmaster pro food dehydrator FD-75A has an adjustable thermostat, which controls the dehydrator’s work by regularly switching it on and off. The thermostat works under some physics principles that when the power is on, a metal expands and comes in touch with the adjacent metal, the dehydrator starts working.

Frequent heating breaks the circuit and currents do not pass thus making the thermostat go off. The ability to adjust the thermostat temperatures from 95 degrees F to 160 degrees F helps in drying different types of food as temperature only require setting.

The dehydrator has a heater of 600 watts with a top mounted fan. The quickly rotating fan makes the dehydrator a great drier, as there is liquid prevention from dripping on the heating elements. The high watts of the heating equipment allows for proper drying.

There is an opaque exterior known as Vista-Save that purely blocks light from penetrating thus helps retain the nutritional content of food under dehydration. This point makes the rotation of the plates unnecessary.

The food dehydrator comes with a recipe book that guides the operator on its operation, 2-mesh sheet to aid sieving of the contents, 2 solid sheets for the provision of the opaque exterior surface and three jerky spice packets to help in drying juicy foods.

The best food dehydrator has a square base of 13-inches and a height of 10-inches.


  • The fan at the top of the drier allows for efficient and faster drying.
  • The food dehydrator comes with an instruction book to guide the user on how it works, once one has known how to use it, then it is relatively easy.
  • The food dehydrator as an easy and comfortable design, which is compatible with most kitchens counters as well as the expandable units that favor the addition of plates/sheets.


  • If one needs to check the drying process, then he/she needs to plug it out since the unit does not come with an on/off switch.
  • Timing becomes a difficult task since the dehydrator does not come with a timer hence one needs to innovate his or hers.
  • When the dehydrator breaks down, it is very expensive to repair.

Final Vedict

The nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd-75a is an excellent dehydrator that is easy to use by all categories of people: be it the beginners, mid people or the seniors.

Despite the many disadvantages that this device possesses, the pros still outweigh them hence purchase is still the best option.

The features and benefits this classy and state of the art food dehydrator will surely make a huge positive impact in your kitchen. For sure, you will not regret making a purchase of this amazing equipment.

Gone are the days when food of large amounts used to spoil because of going stale. By making a purchase of this food dehydrator, there is no cloud of doubt that you will enjoy its incredible services.

The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages thus giving a user the upper he or she deserves to enjoy the remarkable services to the maximum.

The Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator FD-75A is definitely a purchase worth making.

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