Nesco VS-01 Food Vacuum Sealer Review

This Nesco VS-01 food vacuum sealer has the most effective properties according to your kitchen needs.
This kitchen appliance allows you to reduce your daily house chores on food preservation.

Every person needs to save energy and time for daily kitchen activities, and hence, Nesco VS-01 provides the best of the services.

Vacuum food sealer comes with different designs and features; therefore, it is advisable for one to go for the right sealer.

Features of Nesco VS-01 Food Vacuum Sealer

Nesco VS-01 RA26857 Vacuum Sealer

This best vacuum sealer comes along with great features that include:


The Nesco vacuum sealer is made of great size and space that allows the easy sealing process. The vacuum sealer occupies small space in your kitchen. This feature eases one as they move around the kitchen.


Nesco vs-01 provides the best sealing process on storage bags. It is not difficult to control the sealer because the only little effort is required.


This vacuum sealer works efficiently unlike other sealers because it is easy to operate. Compared to manual sealers, a little effort is required to control the Nesco vs-01 sealer.


Vacuum food sealer allows easy storage of food in the storage bags. The food sealer allows vapor out from bags during the sealing process. This feature is important as it prevents damage of the appliance.


The sealer has an attached tray layer, which prevents it from damage. The tray acts to prevent food from spilling on the sealer.


Advantages of Nesco VS-01 sealer include:

  • Operation: It is easy to operate them, as manual effort does not apply much. This saves ones’ time and effort. The appliance speed is fabulous as it takes less time to complete its tasks.
  • Storage bags: It comes with packaged storage bags used to keep food. This allows great storage capacity; a few bag packages are required to store food.
  • Durability: The vacuum sealer does not get damaged easily. It is made of the strong material; this feature is an advantage because one will not have to purchase another sealer in a long period.
  • Size: The food sealer is small; it occupies a little space in your kitchen. This feature adds value to the sealer because it will be easy to move around the kitchen. It also saves space for other kitchen appliances.
  • Price: It comes with low price tag. Any person can purchase this appliance as long as they have money. In case of any damage or malfunctions’ of the appliance, one can take it back for service from the manufacturer.


Every sealer comes along with negative impacts. The Nesco has its disadvantages, which include:

  • Operation: As much as the vacuum sealer is easy to operate and does not require more effort, one needs to have the knowledge on how to use the appliance. There are proper guidelines on working with the food sealer; damage may occur if the sealer operation is wrong.
  • Food Content: Food preservation is an important factor because it saves on food wastage.

Final Verdict

The food vacuum sealer is the best foodsaver among the kitchen appliances. Nesco food vacuum sealer as defined for its great features, it allows one to save time and energy on kitchen work.

The Nesco VS-01 is cost-effective, and any person can purchase the vacuum sealer. Manual work is most tiring as it takes ones’ most time dealing with a single task. Going for a vacuum sealer allows you to enjoy the greatest service ever.

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