PolyScience 200 Series Vacuum Sealing System Review

There are many useful tools in the kitchen, and the PolyScience 200 series vacuum sealing system is one of them. This vacuum sealer is very user-friendly, and you can use it either indoors or outdoors.

Its features accommodate all needs concerning sealing. One can use it to seal foods and other things of value that may need long-term storage.

This sealer is economical since one saves money. It is time friendly since one saves a lot of time when using the sealer.

If you are busy and spend a lot of time working and have a less time to spend in the kitchen, hope this sealer solves your problem. You can use this sealer to store food for easier and fast access.

This PolyScience 200 series vacuum sealer can also be used to store sealers that are perishable such as fish, vegetables, meat, fruits and much more varieties of food that expire over a short period of time. This foodsaver vacuum sealer has outstanding features that suit every day sealing needs.

Features of PolyScience 200 Vacuum Sealing System

PolyScience 200 Series Vacuum Sealing System

  • This vacuum sealer has both automatic and manual control options for the vacuum. This ensures the seal is perfect. The user can choose to use manual where he or she controls when the sealing starts or stops. Automatic ensures the sealing starts automatically and stops when the process is complete.
  • It has a seal that functions instantly thus suitable for delicate items.
  • This sealer has a storage space and heat seal cutter for cutting rolls.
  • It has a lift stand that folds out which enables one to deal with liquids without any trouble. One pulls it out when sealing the liquid to avoid liquid getting into the system.
  • This vacuum sealer has an adjustable heat sealer, which ensures that air is tight during the sealing process. One can adjust the heat sealer depending on the food that he or she is sealing.
  • Has digital display, which is easy to read that shows the progress of the process.
  • It has an external vacuum pot that enables seals for both bags and cans.
  • It has a seal bar with the length of 30 cm or 30.48 cm.
  • Its Maximum bag has a width of 29.75 or 29.85 cm.
  • This sealer has a power of 120 Volts.
  • It Has an overall dimension of 35.3 cm by 41.1 cm by 9.9 cm.

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  • This vacuum sealer creates seals that last. A seal that is made from this sealer lasts longer because it tightly sealed.
  • The roll space can accommodate different types of brands of the rolling bag. This means users of the vacuum sealers are stress-free.
  • The PolyScience 200 is of good quality and maintains professionalism and a design that is durable.
  • It the best vacuum sealer for sealing foods for cooking using sous-vide cooking method. This method involves cooking sealed food in a water bath.
  • It reduces wastage of food by making food last longer.
  • The vacuum sealer makes the preparation of food easier and quicker.


  • This vacuum sealer is very new to the market and so far; no issue has challenged its efficiency. The only issue raised is that the sealer is a little expensive than the other series.

Final Verdict

Using PolyScience 200 series vacuum sealer is simple. You just have to lift up the lid, place the bag, and select option of either manual or automatic controls.

If you select automatic control, the PolyScience 200 runs until all air is no more and the bag is sealed.

When sealing is complete, the bag will automatically let go. One can store the vacuum-sealed food for future use.

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