The Tilia Foodsaver V2450 Vacuum Sealer Review

This Tilia Foodsaver V2450 Vacuum Sealer saves food in an economical way. It has a cutter for rolls, holder for bags and features two levels of sealing.

Do not store this in a closed place because the gaskets of this vacuum sealer can easily deform and be the cause of many problems.

People are really happy with its performance and the excellent work it does. The tilia Foodsaver vacuum sealer is something you are considering.

Read our in-depth research about Tilia V2450 foodsaver reviews. You will get important information.

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Features of the Tilia Foodsaver V2450 Vacuum Sealer

Tilia Foodsaver V2450 Vacuum Sealer Review - FoodSaver 2400 Series

  • Holding roller and cutter of the bag.
  • Sealing 2 levels to moist or dry your food.
  • Easy latching and operation locking.
  • Two bag rolls about 11 inches, two bags of one gallon, three bags of 1-qt and accessories of hose.
  • The vacuum sealer will do everything you’d ever hoped for. It can easily seal bags and vacuum jars. I have just used this on jars with wider mouths, but it can also work with regular size jars.
  • The Foodsaver v2450 is dense sized and can be manually operated.
  • Dry and Moist food positions for sealing.
  • Instant help for sealing can protect your food through CrushFree™
  • A convenient holder for rolls and a cutter for bags.
  • The sealer comes with removable, safe for dishwashing, patented and tray dipping.
  • Port for accessories and seals for vacuum or to marinate your food.
  • The length of the unit is about 15.25 inches, the height is about 4 inches, and the width is about 9 inches.
  • You cannot recharge the unit of the system; however, it comes with a cord for power. You will have to hit the “ seal ” button, and by getting out a lot of the air, you can save your bread from getting crushed. To seal the bread, you can purchase some containers from their website. You can easily smash the bread, but the bagels will be just fine.
  • It is excellent, and if there are any jars for canning, you can put the lids on them with this Foodsaver v2450 vacuum sealer. This way you can store your beans, pasta, sugar, and flour without using plastic bags.
  • You can prevent a lot of burns and to store things like cheese because it works like wonders in freezing things.
  • The vacuum sealer features three main buttons. One of them is used for sealing; the second one for vacuuming and the third one is for dry or wet food items. It approximately takes 3 minutes to seal it, and you do not need to put pressure.
  • You only need to push the vacuum and seal button, and it is all done. The port for the hose is used to seal jars for masons, but it can only work with an adapter cap.
  • They feature a few models otherwise you can directly order them from Food Saver.


  • It freshens up your food five times faster.
  • The part of the sealing is quite and quick; however, the vacuum can be a bit slow. The only thing that I do not want it will not work if you do not tightly close the lid.
  • If you leave it for one second, you will have to start all over again.
  • However, the functions of sealing and locking work wonder and seals perfectly. The cutter and storage of the bag allow you to have an even cut.
  • It can save a lot of your bags, and with this, you can easily seal your bags to their edges.
  • It can save your food items from freezing and keeps it fresh and safe.
  • It can work great. It can save a lot of my groceries because I can make at least one meal from all those leftovers.


  • It is not easy to use because you will need to hold it while you seal your bags.
  • This Foodsaver v2450 works slowly and makes a lot of noise.

Final Verdict

You can easily place it inside your cabinet or under the counter.

Although it has a little bit disadvantages, the Tilia Foodsaver v2450 vacuum sealer is an excellent machine, and it can be worth the money.

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