VacMaster VP112 Review – Chamber Vacuum Sealer

In case you are really serious about cooking on a lighter temperature, you can eventually buy a pack of vacuum for the chamber.

This is a relatively small and really expensive item for your kitchen.

Read this vacmaster vp112 review to come up with the specifications, and many more.

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Features of the VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The vacmaster vp112 can weigh up to a good number of 40 pounds or so. The design of this vacuum is really portable can easily fit on the counterpart of the kitchen. However, you cannot make a mistake in thinking that this sealer is a grade with constructions of stainless steel.

VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

It has a complete control panel which is fully customizable plus the seal bar is about 12 inches long which can be reused and replaced. Most of its features resemble the model like the pump and motor.

However, the frame of the compact can help in reducing all the costs and in increasing the productivity. The most prominent point of all is the delight in technology which uses bags with generic chambers. These bags are a lot cheaper as compared to the other sealers that are used externally.

Just one glance at its design can reveal its inner capacity and abilities. As a starter, you just need to pack your food in some bag, and after that, you have to pack this bag in the chamber of the vacuum. The opening side of the bag should be tucked in the sealer.

All you have to do is to close down the lid and let the vacuum sealer all the air out. With the help of this feature, you can efficiently seal dry or wet items. However, you can easily marinate and cook your food because of the better sealing abilities of this sealer.

Unlike its previous versions, the new one comes with a port of accessory and a single cable. It also allows you to seal and vacuum canister, jars, and containers too. Besides that, the bags which are used in this process can be different in case they are designed for sealing chambers. You don’t have to buy any certain bags.

It has a huge motor and assembly at the back, and it weighs about 40 pounds. This can make this vacmaster vp112 very heavy, but it can also make it durable. Don’t make any mistakes because it can truly be a commercial vacuum sealer. It can look so petite, but nevertheless, it is packed with a body of stainless steel, rubber and silicon seal and a fabulous degree of sealing vacuum.

You will not be in need to call any kind of experts for fixing or repairing anything. It has a really good image of the brand. It features the exact level of precision and expertise in the manufacturing of the product. You can expect a delightful life by using this vacuum.


This vacuum sealer is preferred by many people for its durability and stability. Non-experienced and experienced chambers of vacuum users both consent with its performance and reliability.

The vp112 is quite easy to use have you become familiar with the vacuum sealer. In case you have never used this style of the vacuum sealer, You may need a minute or two to use this types of vacuum sealer. The performance makes out for the minor curve for learning whether it exists or not.

  • The cost of these bags is a lot less.
  • They can be of great help when you have to marinate.
  • Seals dry and wet food items really nicely.
  • You can continuously use it.


  • The users have placed many reports because the lid of this vacuum sealer is easily breakable. The lid has a sticker on it on which the users have been advised that while raising the lid, they must use both of their hands. To consider all the reports, you must do all the research so you can be ahead of everything.

Wrapping On Our VacMaster VP112 review

In short, the company has been getting really good reviews.

Due to its heavy weight, most of the users of vacmaster vp112 chamber vacuum sealer have made a special space for this model on the tops of the counter.

A lot of the users believe that saving vacuum inside the cabinet drawers can be a lot of inconveniences.

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