VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Using a vacuum sealer, you can increase the life of the foodstuff you use in your kitchen. It also allows you to keep your kitchen space save.

The vacmaster vp210 sucks the air form food bags that stops the oxygen supply that stops the growth of bacteria and keeps the food safe and fresh.

By proper using of a food sealer, you can save your food six times more than their normal life.

The vacmaster vp210 chamber vacuum sealer is something most people are considering.

Features of the VacMaster VP210

Although there are many vacuum sealers available in the market, but the vacmaster vp210 has an edge over others, that it also works with liquid or foodstuff with high liquid contents where other vacuum sealers fail, because they just suck what is inside the bag.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The liquid inside the bag also sucked out with air and get out.

The vacuum sealer is a special vacuum sealer for liquid sealing and preserving. It uses advance chamber technique because of that it can safely suck only the air, not the liquid.

This is the reason you can easily save fruit juices, soups, and other foods with lots of liquid such as prepared meals with curry.

The vacuum sealer has a vacuuming chamber inside that is 11 x 15 x 5 inches in size. It also has filler plates inside the chamber that allow a smooth vacuuming process for all kinds of foodstuff, whatever those are, liquid or solid in the nature.

It has a 10-inches broad sealing bar that allows the vacuuming of bags with a mouth size of 10 inches.

The sealer allows vacuuming and sealing of bags up to 13 inches long that allows you to pack your foodstuff in 10 x 13-inches jumbo-sized bags. The sealer has a beautiful panel that designs in a way that is too easy to handle by everyone, even for the people who never used it before.

The panel has an easily readable pressure gauge that shows the vacuuming process and confirms that there is no air in bag after completion of the vacuuming process.

It has a transparent top that allows you to see all the vacuuming and sealing process with your eyes.

The vacmaster vp210 chamber vacuum sealer is made up of stainless steel body that not only gives it strength but also gives a beautiful look.

The digital control panel of the sealer is in black color that gives it an eye-catching contrast with silver and shining stainless steel body.

The size of it is a little large that gives it a touch of a commercial equipment using in home. It will deal the all domestic vacuum sealing needs of your home because as described earlier, it has a vacuuming chamber inside like a commercial vacuum sealer and because of that it gives you commercial quality of packing in home use.


  • Now we will have a brief look upon the working or handling with VacMaster VP210. It is easy to use. You have to plug the electric cord into the wall socket. Place the filled bag with foodstuff you want to process and place the bag inside the sealer, then cover the top.
  • The chamber vacuum sealer will start working. While it will process your foodstuff you can fill the new bag with new stuff. You can watch the processing of your food with your own eyes from its transparent top.
  • You also can watch the vacuuming process by watching the digital pressure meter. It perfectly vacuums and sealed your food staff and make sure that it remains fresh for a long time.


  • Although its size is little lager but, when we compare it to its commercial features that it is offering it looks much smaller. Its weight is 90 pounds that is not bad according to commercial features.

Final Verdict

This vacuum sealer is the master of all vacuum sealers that have a chamber based design.

It has a superb and gorgeous eye-catching design with ample space for using. Its strong sealing power made it the leader.

Choosing the vacmaster vp210 chamber vacuum sealer would be wise.

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