VacMaster VP215 Review – Buying Guide

Hello! Today we are talking about VacMaster VP215 chamber vacuum sealer. We believe that this VacMaster VP215 review will help you choose the best one. The VacMaster VP215 makes your kitchen experience more beautiful and more comfortable. Moreover, it also increases the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

You would no longer need to store your foods in extra space-consuming boxes; you can use chamber vacuum sealer to seal in the foods in plastic bags efficiently.

Clever use of both money and space.

 With its excellent features, it is considered to be one of the top products in chamber vacuum category. 

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Features of VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

One of its best foodsaver features is its elegant design. Although this machine is a litter bigger in comparison to other chamber vacuums available in the market, it has a classy finesse to it.

VacMaster VP215 chamber vacuum sealer is easy to operate and has added digital facilities, which contributes to your convenience. You can monitor pressure and temperature through the digital displays.

Also, it has a transparent lid; this enables you to see if the machine is working properly or not.

Although its stainless steel body makes it heavy to move around, it increases its durability. The dimension of the VacMaster VP215 is 20 x 14 x 15 inches and it has a large area of 11”x15”x5” for vacuum sealing.

In fact, VacMaster VP215 is not just great for use in households, for its large chamber size, it can also be used in small food shops. It has a ¼-horsepower rotary engine; this makes it work faster than other food sealers.

The seal bar it has is 10 inch and has double seal wire; this ensures quality.

One of its amazing features is its flexibility. It can seal almost every sort of food in its pouch. Unlike many other chamber vacuum or food sealers, it is also perfect for marinating. On an additional feature, you can also do sous vide in it.


  • VacMaster vp215 vacuum sealer is very easy to use. You need to put food in the pouch and keep it in the chamber as per instruction. The inbuilt lid makes it more suitable and easier to use. Also, the transparent lid feature makes it easier to observe.
  • Digital indicators make it easy to observe and as a result, the efficiency increases.
  • Whereas many sealers fail to seal liquid containing bags, the VacMaster is a clear champion. So, if you need to seal soups or stews, you can easily rely on Ary VacMaster VP215. More importantly, it is also leakage proof.
  • This machine is very sturdy. The strong exterior ensures that it will stay in your kitchen for a long time.
  • It is also very fast. Furthermore, it gives away a sound when the sealing is done. Which is great, can as you know whether sealing is done or not.
  • This vacuum sealer is also best for heavy-duty usage. It can quietly run for hours.
  • It includes additional storage bags; this makes it cost effective.
  • This VP215 Vacuum sealer comes with additional storage bags, and It makes cost-effective.


  • This Vacuum sealer size is bigger than other ones; it acquires a bigger space in the kitchen.
  • The machine’s weight is 84 pound; this is heavier than other food sealers. It is not very suitable for moving around.
  • It does not carry the retort bags. It might concern a few of the users.

Wrapping Up Our VacMaster VP215 Review

No machine is perfect; however, this VacMaster VP215 chamber vacuum sealer can give you a great deal. With many positive features, it has only a few drawbacks.

It is not just excellent in serving; it also looks gorgeous. It will change your kitchen experience into a better one.

The VacMaster VP215 also does justice to the price you will pay. Your storehouse will be less of a hassle and more cost-effective.

It will be a marvelous replacement for the traditional storage boxes in your kitchen.

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