VacMaster VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

VacMaster VP321 chamber vacuum sealer is a state of the art vacuum sealer that can be used for a variety of sealers that need to remain in good shape and not go bad.

In most cases, it is used on foods as a very efficient method of preserving food for longer periods as compared to leaving it in the open air.

VacMaster is a reputable company which has a wide variety of vacuum related products this being one of them.

The vacuum sealer is considered as one of the most reliable vacuum sealing and packaging machine.

In this case, we will look at the VacMaster VP321 in detail by mentioning some features, specifications, pros, and cons that work for this sealer and a conclusion that talks briefly about this vacuum sealer.

Features of VacMaster VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


It is packed with a 1.5 HP pump that makes the vacuum suction more reliable. This enhances the sealers’ function making it much more efficient in vacuum packaging.

Anything Goes

With this vacuum sealer, you can use it to package both solids and liquids. This is quite reliable as you are not only limited to solids like most vacuum sealers.

Used on the Table Top

Being the light in weight and considerably small in size, it can be placed on top of a table and used to seal items conveniently.

Special Feature

This vacuum sealer has a curved lid that curves on the outside with a dome-shaped look. This provides more space by having the chamber at 7”.


The vacuum sealer is 22.25 by 20 by 20.5 inches.

Fast and Effective

This vacuum sealer is fitted with 17” steel bars that make it work faster.

Multiple Vacuum Packaging

The VacMaster VP321 can work on more than one packaging. You can put in more, and all will be vacuum sealed accordingly.

Quite Light on Weight

This VacMaster vacuum sealer is 220 pounds. It is quite light as compared to what it can do.


  • Space saving as you don’t require a large space to use this sealer for sealing and packaging.
  • Time-saving as it is fitted with high tech gadgets to make it faster and more efficient in its function.
  • Quite reliable because you can seal more than one thing inside the chamber. This can be quite helpful in a commercial set up.
  • Helps preserve food more than when left in the open air.
  • The vacuum sealer can also help the items from getting freeze burns when stored in a freezer.
  • Helps maintain food quality and reduce wastage as one can keep food for longer.


  • The vacuum sealer can squeeze the foods and crush them while packaging because they exert much pressure.
  • The cost is too much. It is quite expensive, and people might prefer having their food go bad than spending all that money just to save your food a little longer.

Wrapping on Our VacMaster VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

The VacMaster VP321 chamber vacuum sealer is proven to be quite efficient in saving you money as most users can buy food in bulk and seal them for later use.

This has helped a great deal in also saving items that will go bad once exposed.

It is seen to be more valuable to large-scale users who may use it in supermarkets, food stores, restaurants and other places where they seal in bulk.

As mentioned they are fast; it helps these users work using minimal time.

People may have a different view as they are expensive and one doesn’t see the need of having it, while others may see this VacMaster VP321 as a good investment in the long run.

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