Ronco 5 Tray Electric Food Dehydrator Review

The Ronco 5-tray electric food dehydrator is an efficient mode of preserving food. It is used in households at large to help make dry foods preserving them in the long run. This can be seen as a more efficient way to store your foods.

Ronco has been known for producing quality and unique products, and this is not an exception.

The electric food dehydrator has an amazing outlook with 5 trays making the whole experience interesting and beneficial as well.

Here, we look in detail at the Ronco 5-Tray by pointing out a few product features, specifications, pros and cons of this electric food dehydrator and an overall conclusion with the rating as well.

Features of Ronco 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Ronco 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Electrical Setup

This food dehydrator uses electricity to dehydrate the required foods. It is seen to run on 125 watts.

Variety at is Best

This food dehydrator has 5 trays making it possible to dry different foods at the same time. This greatly helps one save time and money as well.

Portable Machine

This electric food dehydrator is seen to be light therefore making it possible to move it around hustle free.

This is so advantageous since you don’t have to keep it at one position if you plan on using the position for a different task.


This food dehydrator is delivered with a booklet with instructions to guide you on your usage thus helping you to know the right timings and other important information. On this booklet, you will find recopies as well.

Attractive Outlook

The Ronco 5-Tray has a clear covering with a sleek looking tier of 5 trays. On top of looking at its’ beauty, you can actually see the food being dried, and if any problem occurs like food going bad, it is easier to spot it.

Product Size

This food dehydrator has quite a sizable volume and is seen to be 11 x 13 x 13 inches.


This food dehydrator weighs 5.3 pounds and 5.4 pounds when shipped.

Multiple Food Dehydration

The electric food dehydrator is seen to be able to handle more than one foodstuff. This is seen from its 5 tray layout.


This electric food dehydrator can heat up to 133°F.


  • It doesn’t occupy much space, and you end up not using a big space when using this dehydrator.
  • Multiple foods drying is possible with this kind of product helping you gain a lot from one sitting in a few steps.
  • Transparency is something you will find on this dehydrator. It is covered with a transparent plastic that shows the way things are turning and drying as the hours go by.
  • This electric food dehydrator helps you save up food and expenditure in the long run.
  • The booklet comes with recipes giving you ideas on foods you can use such an item for.
  • Not very costly.


  • Some foodstuffs are not advisable to be dried together. For instance, you could be drying herbs and bananas together. The smell of the herbs catches the banana making it taste different and funny.
  • Uses up considerably much electricity for drying since they take long hours to get the work done.

Final Verdict

The Ronco 5-tray electric food dehydrator is considered as quite efficient in drying foods. This saves you the time and money of buying dried foods from stores.

Moreover, it is growing as a household need day by day as people everywhere are trying to reduce carbs intake, therefore, enjoy dried fruits as snacks.

It has a few drawbacks like the fact that you need quite a considerable time to dry the foods. With this said, the three-star rating by users is quite fair, and sales continue in moderation.

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